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Welcome to The Retell Pharmacy Podcast! If you work in retail pharmacy, you know how ridiculous and strange work life can be most days. Know this, you are not alone. Each episode, we'll dive into different types of strange patients, interactions, rules/regulations, things that work/don't work, and basically anything else that deals with this weird industry. Check out an episode, leave a rate/review on iTunes, and please reach out via Facebook, Twitter, etc... I want to hear your stories! 

Aug 30, 2019

Loving the ReTell Pharmacy podcast? Don't forget to like on Facebook, follow on Twitter, subscribe, and rate the show. I've gotten so much great feedback and support and I can't thank you all enough! Oh and if you have a topic, patient of the week, or anything else in this upside down world of retail that you want to...

Aug 23, 2019

ReTell Community! This episode was a blast as we were able to spend pretty much all of it with your issues, patients of the week, etc. Thank you for supporting the show, listening, subscribing, reviewing, etc AND for continuing to connect. Keep it up: Facebook and Twitter

Happy end of summer and keep fighting! 


Aug 16, 2019

ReTell Community, I am blown away at your support for the podcast. Thank you so much for continuing to listen, reach out with stories, review in iTunes, etc.

Have a story, patient interaction, or topic you want to discuss? Send it my way via Facebook and Twitter


Aug 9, 2019

ReTellers! Loving the podcast? First of all, thank you :) Secondly, be sure to leave a rate/review in iTunes if you haven't and stay up to date with the show by liking on Facebook and following on Twitter

Connect with me through the socials this week if you need to vent, have a funny interaction, or want to talk about...

Aug 2, 2019

Happy August, ReTellers. Fall will be here before we know it and that comes with it's many challenges in the retail pharmacy arena. But, not to worry, we're in this together. As the summer ends, continue to send me funny interactions, patients of the week, etc: Facebook and Twitter. Your stories are what drives every...