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Welcome to The Retell Pharmacy Podcast! If you work in retail pharmacy, you know how ridiculous and strange work life can be most days. Know this, you are not alone. Each episode, we'll dive into different types of strange patients, interactions, rules/regulations, things that work/don't work, and basically anything else that deals with this weird industry. Check out an episode, leave a rate/review on iTunes, and please reach out via Facebook, Twitter, etc... I want to hear your stories! 

Dec 25, 2020

Wait, what?? It's over? 2020 is basically finished? How did this happen? Why am I asking so many questions? What an insane year it's been and it's been SUCH a blessing to been along this crazy ride in healthcare with YOU all. Thank you so much for driving this podcast with your stories. Have a patient of the week or...

Dec 18, 2020

What a fun show this week! (and the longest episode we've had so buckle up, friends) You guys all make these crazy, fun shows possible. How, you may ask? Through connecting with me on Twitter and Facebook to let me know what's happening in your pharmacy, patient interactions, thoughts on covid/vaccine, feedback for the...

Dec 11, 2020

Did you have a funny, strange, or interesting interaction with a patient recently? OF COURSE YOU DID... we all do and it happens all too often, especially during the holidays. Let me know about it through Facebook and Twitter

Thank you all for continuing to provide feedback, support the show, rate/review it in iTunes,...

Dec 4, 2020

You made it through the first of the month, everyone! And soon, we'll have all gotten through this... *ahem*... wonderful year of 2020. Good riddance, right? Well, we're definitely getting through it together. Let's keep that up by sending in YOUR topics, patients of the week, etc through Facebook and Twitter


Nov 27, 2020

It's here everyone! The holiday season is OFFICIALLY here now that Thanksgiving has come and gone. I hope you had an awesome time with your families. As Christmas and the new year approaches, it's going to bring very challenging patients, situations, etc in the pharmacy. Be sure and let me know about them! Facebook and