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Welcome to The Retell Pharmacy Podcast! If you work in retail pharmacy, you know how ridiculous and strange work life can be most days. Know this, you are not alone. Each episode, we'll dive into different types of strange patients, interactions, rules/regulations, things that work/don't work, and basically anything else that deals with this weird industry. Check out an episode, leave a rate/review on iTunes, and please reach out via Facebook, Twitter, etc... I want to hear your stories! 

Dec 3, 2021

Just when I think it will be a shorter episode, I forget how fun it is to hang (and vent) with you all. Also, let's be honest, you guys really brought the fire this week with your submissions. On this early December episode we cover how 2021 went by faster than any other year, I debut a new sound effect, and take a moment to thank YOU for your support and love sent my way via Spotify Wrapped. Also, there's a new variant in town... and it honestly sounds like a robot. We end with realizing that Oklahoma and Louisiana are, in fact, NOT the same state and how it would be so nice if patients had basic decency. Enjoy! 

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Merry Christmas and keep fighting,