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Welcome to The Retell Pharmacy Podcast! If you work in retail pharmacy, you know how ridiculous and strange work life can be most days. Know this, you are not alone. Each episode, we'll dive into different types of strange patients, interactions, rules/regulations, things that work/don't work, and basically anything else that deals with this weird industry. Check out an episode, leave a rate/review on iTunes, and please reach out via Facebook, Twitter, etc... I want to hear your stories! 

Dec 31, 2021

I can't believe it's the last show of 2021. Let's end the year with a bang, shall we? On the show this week: a sappy thank you from me, prescribers who write "2021" instead of "2022" on prescriptions, and patients who are told rules, laws, etc and try to negotiate around them. Finally, because of the new year, we are all going to face challenges with patients and their insurance... let's talk about a few and maybe some "solutions". Happy New Year, ReTellers! 


Reach out through Facebook and Twitter if you have a response to an episode, patient of the week, tech of the week, etc. After all, you're my cohost :) 

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